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Early in the 20th century, Central New York became an important center for the American Arts and Crafts Movement. The Arts and Crafts Society of Central New York is a non-profit organization dedicated to the study of the Arts and Crafts Movement through a schedule of lectures, symposia, tours and other educational programs for the purpose of
increasing awareness of this rich cultural heritage and stimulating interest in its

Our objectives are:
• To preserve, document, and understand the artifacts and ideals of the Arts & Crafts Movement.

• To accomplish these objectives, the society encourages study groups in such areas as architecture, ceramics, glass, furniture, books, and other topics.

• Support conferences, seminars, publications and exhibitions relating to the Arts & Crafts Movement.

• Sponsor research and publication of Arts and Crafts material.

• To Work toward the establishment of an Arts & Crafts research center to serve as a place of study, exhibitions, meeting, and collection.

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